We have over 300 actors and celebrities in Little Bastards available to act in our productions. When actors and celebrities start appearing in your adverts, reviews, promotional videos etc; the customers will soon follow!

"85% of users say that products/service video are helpful in the decision making process"


I have worked with REDZ for many years and he has been able to help me to increase my profits by 300%.


REDZ has been an invaluable resource for in the creation of the BBFA Awards.
Cherry Jumbo 


Working with Redagents has changed the way I do business and helped me to grow my company.
Jay Service

Talent Agency

Plus you will get monthly unique photos of the Video Advert shoot free (worth £200). More images for your Social Media outreach.

Plus we advertise your business every month on the Social Media sites that we use in our promotions, including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube free (worth £200). We make sure your adverts gets shared online.

Plus you get guest tickets to the Ritzy Brixton screening of Little Bastards free (worth £10 each). Enjoy a night out with your team.

Plus you get to advertise your business on DarkcirclesTV.com coming in 2020 free (worth £300). Tap into are huge London fanbase!

Video is the future of digital advertising
David J Moore


Richard Butler AKA REDZ
Creative Producer (Event/Music/Photography/Documentary/Film)

Yuppie Wayne
Film and TV Director (BBC/Ch4)